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The Yinka Déné Language Institute is devoted to the preservation and promotion of Yinka Dene language and culture. Our activities include:

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Here is a list of sources for language-related Christmas shopping.
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Yinka Dene Dustl'us
Shana Labatch and Lillian Sam at the Learning Hub at the College of New Caledonia in Fort St. James are publishing a monthly newsletter almost entirely in Carrier called the Yinka Dene Dustl'us. Submissions from readers are welcome. It can be downloaded here.
The Carrier Language: a brief introduction
A slightly revised new printing of The Carrier Language: A Brief Introduction is now available from the College of New Caledonia Press.
Pocket English-Carrier Dictionary
A pocket-sized dictionary of Stuart Lake Carrier has been published. This dictionary is designed especially for those learning the language. Although pocket-sized, it contains over 3,000 entries. Here is a flyer with more information, and here are two sample pages. Contact Nak'azdli band office: 250-996-7171.

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