See also: 'ink'e 

This is used both as an NP conjunction and as a clausal conjunction.


manhe is laughingandboytoohe is laughing
The man is laughing and the boy is laughing too.

thereyou (1) standyou (1) listen to (uo)
Sit there and listen!

fatherandboythey are hunting
The boy and father are hunting.

meatandpotatoesI want
I want meat and potatoes.

some [human]boysandgirlsfoodthey steal
Some boys and girls stole food.

(6) 'Et bundada hootal'e whut̲s̲o 'et yez̲tli tl'ahadutsuk 'ink'ez musdus hulhjas̲. `They got up before daylight to feed the horses and milk the cows.'

(7) Too cha dunazduta'ai 'ink'ez tsanbayoh cha too whets'ayalh. `We turned on water taps and flushed the toilets.'

(8) Ninatinjis 'in'kez nyiz oontun. `Breathe in and hold it.'

(9) Ho 'un whet'i ts'i duchun dutez̲tan 'ink'ez dukui ikante\b ztai. `Then she took a stick with her and started toward the road to look for her husband.'

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