ihᐉᑋihPARTquestion marker


berryit [n-class] has dried upyou (1) wantquestion
Do you want some dried berries?

all [abstract]for [wh-class object]questionyou (1) have been injected
Have you been injected for everything (= have you had all your immunizations)?

(3) Soo ih inte? `Did you sleep well?'

therequestionyou (1) sleep
Did you sleep over there?

alwaysquestionyou (1) are tired
Do you feel tired all the time?

sometimesyou (1) get dizzyquestion
Do you sometimes get dizzy?

alwaysquestionyou (1) get dizzy
Do you get dizzy all the time?

(8) Soo nyunch'oh 'utanyilh ih? `Can you feed yourself (= can you eat well by yourself)?'

soupall [wh-class]questionyou (1) ate
Did you eat all of your soup?

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