Noolhk'aibunᘂᒡᘀᐉᗪᐣnuɬkʼaibʌnNNulki Lake

Etymology: This lake is thought to look like a fish that has been split open and spread out for drying. The island (Noolhk'ainoo) is thought to be situated like an 'uk'ai, one of the sticks used to keep drying fish spread open. Hence, the lake is said to be noo be lhuk'ai ‟spread open by the island”. Noolhk'ai is a contraction of this.

Nulki and Tachick Lakes

Nulki Lake With Sinkut Mountain [© Adam Thomas]

Latitude: 53° 54' 36'' N  Longitude: 124° 8' 33'' W 

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