daoonelt̲s̲ukᑕᐁᘅᑊᙝᐟdaunelt̪s̪ʌkADVhow many (wh-class), how many times?

Stoney Creektherehow many [wh-class]housethey [mdo, wh-class] are located
How many houses are there in Stoney Creek?

(2) Nadleh 'et daoonelt̲s̲uk dedoh? `How many clans are there in Nautley?'

how manydaythenthis [non-human]white persontheir languagewe (3+) will learn it
How many days will it take for us to learn this English language?

how manydayyou (1) drink alcohol
How many days have you been drinking?

VanderhooftoI wenthow many timesi wonderI sat down
I went to Vanderhoof. I don't know how many times I sat down.

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