lalaPPin aid of

Used in certain constructions having to do with helping. With most verbs the help must take the form of participating in a joint activity, rather than merely doing something on behalf of someone else.

(1) Sla inle. `Help me.'

they helping himclothesthey washed
They helped him wash clothes.

(3) Oola 'ust'en. `I am helping him.'

in aid of you (1)I will do
I'll help you.

Tylenol 3tubesla'ut'en.
Tylenol 3veryhelping-meit works
Tylenol 3 helps me very much.

(6) Nla butghaghutesnalh. `I'll help you cook.'

helping you (1)firewoodI saw [OA]
I'll help you saw firewood.

in aid of you (1)I do [OA]emph
I'll help you out (by lending you money).

Samhelping us (3+)he says [OA]
Sam will help us (by speaking).

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