lhaga'asᘳᗴᐧᐊᔆɬagaʔasNdried Red Laver seaweed

Scientific names: Porphyra abbottae, Pyropia abbottiae

When fresh this is reddish, purple, or greenish and has the consistency of cellophane. When dried it is black and brittle. It grows on rocks in the lower intertidal zone. It was and to some extent still is traded in from the coast; it does not grow in Carrier territory. Japanese 海苔 nori, used among other things to wrap 海苔巻き norimaki sushi, is made from this species and close relatives.

Etymology: A loan from a Tsimshianic language, most likely Gitksan. Compare Nisga'a [ɬaq'askw] and Coast Tsimshian [ɬaʔask].

Living Red Laver Seaweed

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