This conjunction joins clauses in a variety of constructions. It does not have a single English translation. However, the events conjoined by hoh must overlap in time.


(1) Nilhdza telhugi hoh ninentsai. `He got tired through running far.'

(2) Lhukw s̲ut'e butghaghutnabayoh tinuskai hoh 'udaibayoh ts'i wheskai. `I carried the roasted fish from the kitchen to the dining room.'

(3) Sla be whusdleh hoh hanalhuget. `I dug with my hands and crawled back out.'

(4) Nadelduz hoh oogan yaidujut. `He fell and smashed his arm.'

(5) Soowhusnih hoh whunes'en. `I saw it (a vision) while fasting.'

he is workingwhilehe is snacking on (uo)
He is snacking as he works.
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