dugwut k'us̲da    ᑐᐟᗒᐪ ᗽᔆᑕ    dʌgʷʌt kʼʌs̪da    V

he is kneeling

[∅-da < da₁ «sit-1»]  Imperfective Affirmative  Continuous

This literally means ‟he is sitting on his (own) knees”. The verbal part is therefore conjugated like ‟to sit”, while at the same time the possessive prefix on -gwut ‟knees” is varied. Thus, ‟I am kneeling” is sgwut k'us̲usda, ‟you (2) are kneeling” is nahgwut k'us̲ahke, and ‟they (3+) are kneeling” is dugwut hudelht̲s̲'i.

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