-ch'a-ᘡ-tʃʼaPPagainst, away from, to the detriment of

This is not straightforwardly translatable into English.

from meit flew off
It flew away from me.

from themhe walked astray
He got away from them on foot.

(3) Kwun sch'a nanes̲no. `The fire went out on me.'

against memorehe sings
He sings more than I do.

your teethit decays [OA]lestyou (1) clean
Brush your teeth lest they decay.

childhis faceit [n-class] is chappedthatagainst [wh-class object]dayeverycreamby means ofI rub
Because the child's face is chapped I rub it each day with cream.

(7) Kw'usul sch'a nahuydunez̲yul. `They spilled the beads on me.'

outvillageinmanureagainst themI will dump on the ground
I am going to dump manure out in the village to their detriment.

against meit fell into the water
It fell into the water on me.

all [generic]against meit spilled
It all spilled on me.

Szadzisch'a'itsul 'uja.
my watchagainst meit stopped
My watch quit on me.

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