whuch'aᗘᘡxwʌtʃʼaCONJagainst, lest

With the meaning of ‟lest” the verb of the subordinate clause must be in the optative. With a non-optative verb it means ‟against”, though this will not always be the most felicitious English translation. This is the postposition ch'a ‟against” with the areal prefix.


your teethit decays [OA]lestyou (1) clean
Brush your teeth lest they decay.

childhis faceit [n-class] is chappedthatagainst [wh-class object]dayeverycreamby means ofI rub
Because the child's face is chapped I rub it each day with cream.

all overhe sprays aroundlestcathis testiclesyou (1) remove [n-class, mdo]
Neutre your cat lest he spray all over.
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