-z̲ekw -z̲ahainli-ᙃᗵ -ᙅᐸᐉᐣᘦ-z̪ekʷ -z̪ahainliSto drool

This is literally ‟X's saliva is flowing out of X's mouth” and so is inflected for ‟subject” by possessive prefixation of the noun -zekw ‟saliva” and object marking of z̲ahainli ‟it flows out of the mouth of”. However, unlike a true phrase, the disjoint reference rules do not apply.


(1) Usz̲ekw usz̲ahainli. `I am drooling.'

(2) Ooz̲ekw ooz̲ahainli. `He is drooling.'

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