'-ᐧ-ʔ-PREFIXunspecified object

Conjunct prefix. Is used with transitive verbs when no object is overtly expressed immediately preceding the verb. Contrast dek'a ut'ot ‟He is smoking tobacco”, in which the object is overtly expressed, and 'ut'ot ‟He is smoking (something)”, in which no object is present. Has the allomorph 'u due to epenthesis when it precedes a consonant and cannot be syllabified into the coda of the previous syllable, e.g. in 'Uts'utot ‟We are smoking (something).” Contrast Na'ts'oot'ot ‟Let's smoke again”, where it becomes the coda of the preceding syllable and no epenthesis is necessary.

Examples containing this affix:

'uyi na'ntesch'is ne'ulhyi

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