wu-ᗒ-wʌ-PREFIXoptative mode marker

This allomorph of oo- is used when word-initial and not immediately preceding the first person dual subject marker idud- or the second person singular subject marker in. If the optative precedes either of the two subject markers beginning with i, it fuses with the i to yield o. This is exemplified by the optative affirmative paradigm of ‟to drink”: \smallskip \centerlineDrink [OA] \smallskip \centerline\vbox\ninepoint\tabskip=0pt \offinterlineskip \def\tbrule\noalign\hrule \halign to \parwid\strut#& \vrule#\tabskip=\partbskip plus2em& #\hfil & \vrule# & #\hfil & \vrule# & #\hfil & \vrule# & #\hfil & \vrule#\tabskip=0pt\cr\tbrule &&\omit && \hfil singular && \hfil dual && \hfil plural&\cr\tbrule &&1 && wusnai && odutnai && ts'ootnai &\cr\tbrule &&2 && ontnai && wahnai && wahnai &\cr\tbrule &&3 && wutnai && hootnai && hootnai &\cr\tbrule

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