SleghetiᔆᘥᗍᗠsleɣetiNGrease Trail

The network of trails from Bella Coola over which eulachon oil and other coastal products were imported.


(1) Slegheti huwhutni 'et Bella Coola ts'e hati. 'Uda 'et whuzde sleghe hutughui inle. 'et hoowa huwhutni. Maitlus 'ink'e yes̲ts'ez̲uz̲ ndulht'i 'i k'elha nahuyuleh. `What they call the ``Grease Trail'' is the trail to Bella Coola. In the old days they used to pack eulachon oil from there. That's why they all it that. They would trade dried berries and deer hides and so forth for it.'

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