a-ᐊ-a-PREFIXfuture tense

This prefix goes in the tense/aspect slot immediately preceding the inner subject. It combines with the /i/ of the second person singular and first person dual subject markers to form /a/. This allomorph is found in a minority of verbs. The majority of verbs take /e-/, q.v. \smallskip \centerlineBuy [FA] \smallskip \centerline\vbox\ninepoint\tabskip=0pt \offinterlineskip \def\tbrule\noalign\hrule \halign to \parwid\strut#& \vrule#\tabskip=\partbskip plus2em& #\hfil & \vrule# & #\hfil & \vrule# & #\hfil & \vrule# & #\hfil & \vrule#\tabskip=0pt\cr\tbrule &&\omit && \hfil singular && \hfil dual && \hfil plural&\cr\tbrule &&1 && ootaskulh && ootadukulh && ts'ootakulh &\cr\tbrule &&2 && ootankulh && ootahkulh && ootahkulh &\cr\tbrule &&3 && ootakulh && hootakulh && hootakulh &\cr\tbrule

Examples containing this affix:

ootaskulh huyoodutalhto 'uts'ootalhjus̲ hoodutuzastuk 'ootuzaskulh

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