Bibliography of Materials on
the Native Languages of the Americas
Campbell, Lyle (1997)
American Indian Languages: The Historical Linguistics of Native America. New York: Oxford University Press.

A detailed presentation of what is known about the relationships of the native languages of the Americas.

Goddard, Ives (ed.) (1996)
Handbook of North American Indians. Volume 17: Languages. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution.

The Handbook is a projected twenty-volume set on the native peoples of North America. Many of the volumes deal with regions, but certain volumes deal with specific themes. This volume is devoted to languages. It contains articles on a variety of topics as well as sketches describing a dozen languages. Additional material on languages can be found in the regional volumes.

Mithun, Marianne (1999)
The Languages of Native North America. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 770 pp.
The first part of the book,"The Nature of the Languages", discusses, in general terms, the principal characteristics of the native languages of North America. The second part, "Catalogue of Languages", provides profiles of every family and isolate, including pidgins, creoles, and mixed languages.

Silver, Shirley and Wick R. Miller (1997)
American Indian Languages: Cultural and Social Contexts. Tucson: The University of Arizona Press.


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