Bibliography of Materials on the
Chilcotin Language

Andrews, Christina (1988)
Lexical Phonology of Chilcotin. Unpublished M.A. thesis, Department of LInguistics, University of British Columbia.
Held by the University of British Columbia library. Call number LE3.B7 1988 A8 A52.

Cook, Eung-Do (1976)
A Phonological Study of Chilcotin and Carrier. Report to the National Museum on Contract No. E10-75-8. Part II: Central Carrier Phonology.

Cook, Eung-Do (1977)
"Syllable Weight in Three Northern Athapaskan Languages," International Journal of American Linguistics 43.4.259-268.
[Discusses Sarcee, Chilcotin, and Central Carrier.

Cook, Eung-Do (1983)
"Chilcotin Flattening," Canadian Journal of Linguistics 28.2.

Cook, Eung-Do (1986)
"Ambisyllabicity and Nasalization in Chilcotin," International Conference on Salishan and Neighboring Languages 21.1-6.

Cook, Eung-Do (1989)
"Chilcotin Tone and Verb Paradigms," in Eung-Do Cook and Keren Rice (eds.) Athapaskan Linguistics: Current Perspectives on a Language Family. pp. 145-198. Trends in Linguistics. State-of-the-Art Reports 15. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Cook, Eung-Do (1993)
"Chilcotin Flattening and Autosegmental Phonology," Lingua 91.12/3.149-174.
Igarashi, Yuko (2006)
"The position of the negative particle /?a/ and a relative clause in Tsilhqut'in," in Masaru Kiyota, James J. Thompson & Noriko Yamane-Tanaka (eds.) Papers for the International Conference on Salishan and Neighbouring Languages XLI University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 18 pp. 180-191

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Krauss, Michael (1975)
"Chilcotin Phonology, a Descriptive and Historical Report, with Recommendations for a Chilcotin Orthography," ms. Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska.

MacLaury, Robert (1986)
"Color Categorization in Shuswap, Chilcotin, Kwak'wala, and Makah," Proceedings of the International Conference on Salishan and Neighboring Languages 21.100-122.

Owens, Camille (199?)
``The autosegmental distinction of tonal language types with specific reference to Chilcotin tone phenomena,'' Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics 14.55-66. (University of Calgary, Department of Linguistics.)

Pye, Clifton (1992)
"Language Loss Among the Chilcotin," International Journal of the Sociology of Language 93.75-86.


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