Bibliography of Materials on the
Haisla Language
Bach, Emmon (1990)
"Stem Extensions in Haisla," International Conference on Salishan and Neighboring Languages 251-16.

Bach, Emmon (1991-92)
Review of Lincoln et. al. (1990). BC Studies Nos. 91-92 (Autumn/Winter 1991-92). pp. 209-214.

Bach, Emmon (1995)
"A note on quantification and blankets in Haisla," in Emmon Bach, Eloise Jelinek, Angelika Kratzer, and Barbara H. Partee (eds.) Quantification in Natural Languages. Dodrecht: Kluwer.

Bach, Emmon (2001)
"Building words in Haisla," University of Massachusetts Occasional Publications. 20.51-73. (Available from GLSA.)

Bach, Emmon (in progress)
Haisla-English and English-Haisla Dictionary.

Bach, Emmon (n.d.).
A Haisla Book.
Draft in process of being revised, to be submitted to UBC press. Non-technical chapters on Haisla phonology, orthography, and grammar, together with appendices containing vocabularies, conversational materials, and lists of roots, inflections and suffixes.

Bach, Emmon and Reed Bates (1971)
"Some notes on Xa'isla," in James E. Hoard and Thom Hess (eds.) Studies in Northwest Indian Languages pp.1-11. (Sacremento Anthropological Society Paper.)

Bach, Emmon, Dora Robinson, and Rose Robinson (n.d.)
Wisenis haislakwala [Let's talk Haisla]
10 lessons for beginning Haisla.

Legaic, Jeffrey L. (n.d.)
Ninuyems aiuisxli: Haisla Texts and Stories. Transcribed, edited, and translated by Emmon Bach and others.
Includes Haisla and English texts by Legaic. Tapes also exist.

Lincoln, Neville J. and John C. Rath (1986)
Phonology, Dictionary, and Listing of Roots and Lexical Derivates of the Haisla Language of Kitlope and Kitimaat, B.C. Ottawa: National Museum of Man. (Canadian Ethnology Service, Mercury Series Paper No. 103).

Lincoln, Neville J., John C. Rath, Evelyn Windsor (1990)
Baxbakalanusiwa. Un récit Haisla/ a Haisla story. Raconté par/as told by Gordon Robertson. Amerindia. No. 14. Supplément 3.
Reviewed by Bach (1991-92).

Robertson, Gordon (n.d.)
Ninuyems hesduaklai: Stories and Texts from the Kitlope. Transcribed, edited, and translated by Emmon Bach and Gordon Robertson.
Texts mostly in Haisla/Henaaksiala, some English. Tapes also exist.

Vink, Hein [Henry]. (n.d.)
A first course in Haisla. Unpublished manuscript.

Vink, Hein [Henry]. (n.d.)
An advanced course in Haisla. Unpublished manuscript.

Vink, Hein (1977)
"A Haisla Phonology," International Conference on Salishan Languages 12.1-20.

Vink, Henry [Hein]. (1980)
Dictionary of Haisla. Unpublished manuscript.
There is a copy in the Kitimat Centennial Museum in the folder Haisla Language.


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