Bibliography of Materials on the
Kaska Language
Kaska Tribal Council (1997)
Guzâgi K'úgé' Our Language Book: Nouns. Kaska, Mountain Slavey and Sekani. Whitehorse: Kaska Tribal Council. Two volumes.

A dictionary of nouns in three languages, organized by topic, with an English index.

Leer, Jeff (1985)
``Report on Kaska and Tahltan Orthography Workshops Held at the Yukon Native Language Centre, Whitehorse, Y. T., Nov. 25-29, 1985''. ms. Alaska Native Language Center.

Moore, Pat (ed.) (1999)
Dene Gudeji: Kaska Narratives. Watson Lake: Kaska Tribal Council.
Twenty-seven texts from 19 different narrators, with both interlinear and free translations.


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