Bibliography of Materials on the
Saulteau Language

There has been no linguistic research on the Saulteau spoken in British Columbia. The literature cited below all deals with varieties of Ojibwe spoken much farther East.

Baraga, Frederic (1992)
A Dictionary of the Ojibway Language. St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press.
A reprint of the classic dictionary first published in 1878. The foreward, by John Nichols, relates Baraga's writing system to that now generally used.

Dumouchel, Paul A. & Joseph Brachet (1942)
Grammaire saulteuse. St. Boniface, Manitoba: Province Oblate du Manitoba.

Nichols, John (1980)
Ojibwe Morphology. Ph.D. dissertation, Harvard University.

Nichols, John (1988) (ed.)
An Ojibwe Text Anthology. London: University of Western Ontario.

Nichols, John D. & Earl Nyholm (1995)
A Concise Dictionary of Minnestoa Ojibwe. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Rhodes, Richard (1976)
The Morphosyntax of the Central Ojibwe Verb. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Michigan.

Rhodes, Richard (1985)
Eastern Ojibwe-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.


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