Bibliography of Materials on the
Sechelt Language

Beaumont, Ron (1973)
"Sechelt Statives," Canadian Journal of Linguistics 18.2.102-112.

Beaumont, Ron (1985)
She Shashishalhem, the Sechelt Language: Language, stories, and sayings of the Sechelt Indian people of British Columbia. Penticton, B.C.: Theytus Books.

Hill-Tout, Charles (1904)
"Report on the Ethnology of the Siciatl of British Columbia, a Coast Division of the Salish Stock," Journal of the American Institute of Great Britain 34.20-91.
Contains vocabulary, grammatical notes, and some texts.

Timmers, Jan (1977)
A classified English-Sechelt word-list. Lisse, The Netherlands: Peter de Ridder Press.

Timmers, Jan (1978)
A Sechelt Stem List. Leiden: [no publisher].


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