Bibliography of Materials on the
Tahltan Language

For details on publications on Tahltan up to 2008, consult Alderete and McIlwraith (2008).

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Tahltan Stem List.
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Dictionnaire Nahanais. Handwritten original in the Archives Deschatelets in Ottawa. A fragment of a printed version also survives.

Morice, Adrien-Gabriel (n.d.)
Précis de Grammaire Nahanaise. Unpublished but printed. Original in the Archives Deschatelets in Ottawa.

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A Grammar and dictionary of the language spoken by the Tahl Tans on the Stikine river, British Columbia, a tribe belonging to the Tinne branch of North American Indians
A handwritten manuscript in possession of the Archives of British Columbia.

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Tahltan field notes.
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Contains a discussion of Tahltan sibilant harmony.
Thorman, Rev. T. P. W. (n.d.)
An Outline of the Grammar of the Language Spoken by the Tahltan Indians
A hand-written notebook in the possession of the Archives of British Columbia. Contains grammatical notes, vocabulary, hymans and prayers, Bible passages and catechism translated into Tahltan. Undated, but completed after 1897.