Bibliography of Teaching Materials
Austin, Ileen et al. (1977)
Carrier Teachers' Manual for Oral Instruction. Fort Saint James: Carrier Linguistic Committee.
A language and culture curriculum intended to cover two years' worth of primary school lessons. Consists of five units of four lessons each, each lesson intended to last four weeks.
Carrier Linguistic Committee (1985)
Nek'uyalhduk-i. Fort Saint James: Carrier Linguistic Committee and Necoslie Indian Band.
Elementary textbook of Nak'albun dialect.
Carrier Linguistic Committee (1985)
Carrier Curriculum Guide: Language Studies. Grades K-7. Fort Saint James: Carrier Linguistics Committee and Necoslie Indian Band.
A curriculum for primary school Carrier language and culture classes, with learning outcomes by grade for attitudes, culture, and language.
Poser, William J. (1998)
An Introduction to the Carrier Language: Stuart/Trembleur Lake Dialect. Tache: Tl'azt'en Nation.
A still-incomplete draft of a first-year university level textbook of the Nak'albun/Dzinghubun dialect.
Poser, William J. (1999)
``Native Language Curriculum for Adults: Experience with a University-Level Carrier Curriculum,'' ms. A paper presented at the Athabaskan Languages Conference, Calgary, Alberta, 13 June 1998, and the Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Conference, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 4 June 1999.
Yinka Dene Language Institute (1990)
Teaching Athabaskan Languages: A Guide for Primary Language rogrammes. Vanderhoof: Yinka Dene Language Institute.
Curriculum outlines and lesson plans for Babine, Central Carrier, and Southern Carrier.


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