Bibliography of Materials on
Wakashan Languages
Fortescue, Michael (2007)
"The origins of the Wakashan classificatory verbs of location and handling," Anthropological Linguistics 48.3.266-287.

Haas, Mary R. (1969)
"Internal Reconstruction of the Nootka-Nitinat Pronominal Suffixes," International Journal of American Linguistics 35.108-124.

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"Noun and Verb in Nootkan," in Barbara Effrat (ed.) The Victoria Conference on Northwestern Languages. (Victoria: British Columbia Provincial Museum) pp. 83-153.

Lincoln, Neville and John Rath (1980)
North Wakashan Comparative Root List. Ottawa: National Museum of Man. Mercury Series No.68.
Abstract: This book contains a listing of approximately 2650 roots from the various North Wakashan languages, namely Heiltsuk (spoken in Bella Bella and Klemtu, British Columbia), Oowekyala (Rivers Inlet), Haisla (Kitimat), and Kwakwala (Alert Bay, Port Hardy, etc.). Each root is illustrated with lexical words from the languages where it is represented, cognate roots being brought together under a single entry and cross-referenced to each other as they occur at different points in the alphabetical order. The root list is preceded by concise phonologies of each language and an exposition of the techniques used to isolate roots in North Wakashan.


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