Dakelh Pronounciation (Lheidli Dialect)

Click on a Dakelh word to hear it spoken.

Illustrations of Individual Sounds

Here are words exemplifying the individual sounds.

SoundExampleMeaning of Example
' 'a fog
a a yes
b bat mittens
ch chunih marten
ch' ch'ekw Sitka Mountain Ash
d dune man
dl dlooncho rat
dz dzoot coat
d̲z̲ d̲z̲ulh mountain
e 'uke foot
g goh rabbit
gh ghabats'eh thread
gw gwuzeh whiskey jack
h (initial) hoonliz skunk
h (final) yoh building
i ti road
j jenyo bull moose
k kesgwut moccasins
k' k'a rifle cartridge
kh khoh goose
kw kwun fire
kw' kw'usul beads
l lusyet plate
lh lhulh with each other
m musdus cow
m [syllabic] mbat your mittens
n noostel wolverine
n [syllabic before d] ndek'a your tobacco
n [syllabic before g] ngan your arm
o jenyo bull moose
oo too water
s sa sun
e belt
sh shas̲ grizzly bear
t talukw salmon
t' t'ugicho mallard duck
tl dutleh it is soft
tl' tl'o grass
ts tsa beaver
ts' ts'i canoe
t̲s̲ t̲s̲e rock
t̲s̲' t̲s̲'al diaper moss
u sus black bear
w wedloo sandpiper
wh whudzih cariboo
y ya sky
z gwuzeh whiskey jack
z buek his/her mouth

Glottalized Consonants

Aspirated Unaspirated Glottalized
netes our knives nedes our lungs net'es our charcoal
stes my knife sdes my lungs st'es my charcoal
butai his uncle buda his lips but'a his wings
Lhtakoh Fraser River lhdesti shortcut Lht'at'en Sekani person

Pairs Illustrating Difficult Contrasts

Here are examples of some potentially difficult contrasts. The pairs of words are chosen so that in most cases they differ only in one sound.

Contrast Word A Word B
0/' (initial) a yes 'a quickly
'/h 'uk'o' hunchback 'uk'oh tracks, footprints
t/t' dutai it is thick dut'ai bird
kw/kw' kwus cold (disease) kw'us cloud
kh/h khoh goose hoh while
l/lh (final) hodul'eh he is learning hodulh'eh he is teaching
s/s yus wolf yu snow

Syllable Final /h/ versus Bare Vowel

Without H With H
'a fog 'ah fern
duyo it is shaggy duyoh her own building
tl'o grass tl'oh bay
tejun he is going to sing tehjun you (2+) are going to sing
ujun he is singing uhjun you (2+) are singing
'utet'ilh he is going to work 'uteht'ilh are you (2+) going to work?
'uk'o fat 'uk'oh tracks

Examples of Some Difficult Sequences of Consonants

Here are examples of some sequences of consonants that may seem difficult at first.

stl' stl'o my grass
lhch' lhch'atsetselh double-headed axe
lhgh lhghuhusduke they (2) are married
lhk' lhk'utdunghi eight