Carrier Pronounciation
(Stuart Lake Dialect)

Click on a Carrier word to hear it spoken by Russell Alec.

Illustrations of Individual Sounds

SoundExampleMeaning of Example
a sa sun
b bat mittens
ch chunih marten
d daget spear
dl dlidada fever
dz dzoot coat
dz d̲z̲ulh mountain
e jeyo bull moose
f lugafi coffee
g goh rabbit
gh 'ugha hair
gw gwada' quarter (25 cents)
h hoonliz skunk
i ts'i canoe
j jeyo bull moose
k ooke his feet
k' k'a rifle cartridge
kh khe grease
kw kwun fire
kw' kw'usul beads
l latalba yarrow plant
lh (initial) lhi dog
lh (final) d̲z̲ulh mountain
m musdoos cow
n noostel wolverine
o no north
oo noo island
r lugarat carrot
s sa sun
s e belt
sh shun song
t talo salmon
t' t'es charcoal
tl tlentl'us mud
tl' tl'o grass
ts tsa beaver
ts' ts'i canoe
ts t̲s̲e rock
ts' t̲s̲'al diaper moss
u sus black bear
w wadlaw sandpiper
wh whudzih cariboo
y ya sky
z za only
z ooe his mouth
' 'a quickly

Syllable-Final H

Although the /h/ sound is familiar, Carrier has it both at the beginning of syllables, as in English, and at the end of syllables, which does not happen in English. Some English words are written with an h but it is not pronounced. In Carrier, /h/ is actually pronounced at the end of a syllable, and many words differ only in whether or not there is an /h/ at the end of the syllable. Here are some pairs of words with and without a syllable-final /h/.

No H Meaning of Example H Meaning of Example
'a quickly 'ah fern
duyo it is shaggy duyoh his own house
tl'o grass tl'oh bay
tijun he is going to sing tihjun you (2+) are going to sing
ujun he is singing uhjun you (2+) are singing
'utit'elh he is going to work 'utiht'elh you (2+) are going to work