Listening Exercises

Play the audio and write down what you think the word is. Then click on the black box to see the transcription of the word. Click again to hide it.

This version uses the Carrier Linguistic Committee writing system.


  1. bet  [char]
  2. dugan  [her own arm]
  3. ookui  [her husband]
  4. mai  [berries]
  5. hutnai  [they are drinking]
  6. ndinda ih? [are you sick?]
  7. nawhenikat [they fell]
  8. daninya  [she entered]
  9. taba  [shore]
  10. banuk  [bannock]


  1. hoonliz  [skunk] is big
  2. datsan  [crow]
  3. suscho  [big black bear]
  4. hoh  [while]
  5. yuscho  [large wolf]
  6. skwunlai  [five]
  7. dzoot  [coat]
  8. yus  [wolf]
  9. chilh  [young man]
  10. tsabai  [dolly varden]


  1. whudzih  [caribou]
  2. lhulh  [with each other]
  3. besk'ui  [sea gull]
  4. 'udechoo  [first]
  5. dut'ai  [duck]
  6. oot'eke  [her friend]
  7. 'uk'oh  [tracks]
  8. nutehkelh  [you (2+) will go around by boat]
  9. tsa  [beaver]
  10. lhtakoh  [Fraser River]