(The Name) Nak'azdli. Formerly people of all different tribes hated one another. Therefore the inhabitants of Nak'azdli warred with the Little Dwarves. The Dwarves used to come down here for war, fighting in the water in spruce bark canoes. Many of the arrows which they shot off fell in the water which was flowing off the lake. Formerly people called it Nak'azdlung, which word means "it flowed off with the arrows of the Little Dwarves". At that time, the outlet of Stuart Lake was barred off by a causeway. Once more the Little Dwarves having come down on a war expedition, broke through it by shooting their arrows, when pieces of the causeway floated down and formed an island. This is what is now called Long-Island, one side of which is called Grassy Outlet.


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