The Comox/Sliamon Language

Comox and Sliamon are the two dialects of this language, which has no traditional name. Comox is spoken in the area around the city of Comox on Vancouver Island. Sliamon is spoken on the opposing coast of the mainland, by the Sliamon, Klahoose, and Homalco. Sliamon in this larger sense is also known as Mainland Comox.

The two dialects of this language each have an indigenous name. The indigenous name for Comox is /salhulhtxw/. Comox is an anglicization of Kwakw'ala /q'ómoxws/. The indigenous name for Sliamon is /?ay?adzhúth@m/. The name Comox/Sliamon is the only available name for the language as a whole since there is no traditional cover term.

Comox/Sliamon is a Salishan language.


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