Yinka Déné Declaration
on Education, Language and Culture

Recognizing our Creator put us on this Earth to protect all life;

Recognizing that the Earth is like our Mother as it nourishes, warms, and clothes us;

Recognizing our great law of respect for all our brothers and sisters and all of creation handed to us through generations as symbolized in the white feathers of peace;

Recognizing our great law of sharing our wealth with our brothers and sisters as set forth in our balhats (potlatch);

We hereby agree, and commit ourselves as Elders, Chiefs, and representatives of the member tribes of the Yinka Déné Nation, to work together as one for the education of our people.

The principles that govern our approach to education are:

  1. The Yinka Déné must control their own education.
  2. All Yinka Déné must have the opportunity to reach their full human potential through education.
  3. Yinka Déné education needs the full participation of Elders, parents and community leaders in teaching and learning.
  4. Yinka Déné education promotes the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being of our people to ensure their educational success.

The goals of Yinka Déné education are:

  1. With the guidance of the Elders, to teach the Yinka Déné language, way of life, and history - past and present;
  2. To prepare the Yinka Déné with tools for success in the modern world.
Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council
July 1988


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