Pronunciation and Alphabet

This is the place to begin to learn the sounds of Carrier or to learn how they are written in the Carrier Linguistic Committee writing system. Examples are provided of all of the sounds and how they are written. There are also examples of contrasts and sequences of sounds unfamiliar to English speakers.

Although these materials are provided in several dialects, for the purpose of learning the sounds and how they are written, it is not important to use materials from your own dialect. The sounds are the same even if the examples are different. For example, when you are learning vocabulary, it matters whether "salmon" is pronounced talo, talook, or talukw in your dialect, but all three begin with the same t-sound. If your dialect is not one of the dialects listed here, you can still use the materials for other dialects. Even if your dialect is listed here, it is useful to become familiar with the voices of different speakers. Also, the topics covered are not exactly the same for the different dialects.


Teaching Materials

S̲aik'uz̲ Conversational Carrier
170 common sentences and expressions. The Carrier text is offered in a choice of Carrier Linguistic Committee writing system and syllabics. In either case, you may use an index with or without the English translation.
S̲aik'uz̲ Noun Paradigms
Sample noun paradigms from the first year university-level course
S̲aik'uz̲ Verb Paradigms
Sample verb paradigms from the first year university-level course
S̲aik'uz̲ Sentences
A set of related sentences illustrating intonation
S̲aik'uz̲ Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary from the first year university-level course

Annotated Text

Stories, songs, and so forth with explanations.

Resources Elsewhere

Commercials and Public Service Messages


The Central (Stuart Lake) Carrier New Testament and an audio recording of the Gospel of John by the late Ray Prince can be downloaded at no cost from Scripture Earth.

First Voices

These consist mostly of lists of words, often with example sentences. In some cases there are also legends with illustrations.